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Book of The Month: Frankie Dupont and the High Seas Heist

Title: Frankie Dupont and the High Seas Heist (Book 4)

Book #1


Author: Julie Anne Grasso

Pages: 131

Publisher: Self – Published by Julie Anne Grasso

Summary: Frankie Dupont is delivering a cake when his dad gets tickets to a case on a ship full of chocolate and the letter says to bring family. Mr Dupont takes Frankie, Kate and Amy along but the soon discover a case of their own. Maddie believes that Emmaline Legrand is actually Emily Fontaine, her mother, but has know way of proving it. Until Frankie and the gang turns up, cracking this case will be a hard one. Frankie will be expected to solve the crime, even before it is committed.

Genre: Mystery/Crime


‘Hahum…’ He cleared his throat to read.

‘Dear Mr Dupont,

I am in urgent need of your expertise.

Pack a tuxedo. Bring your family and the dog for cover.

Tickets enclosed.

Madame Marie Fontaine

Rating: Five Books!!! DOG FIVE

Thoughts: I loved Sherlock’s doggy tuxedo on the front cover and I also loved the case. Someone thought someone was their mother but the person who was supposedly the mother doesn’t recognize them! I love this series and the books because I think they have the perfect mysteries! Remember to read Escape from the Forbidden Planet, Return to Cardamom and Stellacardia! Look out for Frankie Dupont and the Comic Convention Caper in 2016!!

Who Would Like It: Anyone who likes chocolate and mysteries by Julie Anne Grasso. If you like the other Frankie Duponts you will love this!!



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Review World

Title: Fire World (Last Dragon Chronicles – Book Six)

Author: Chris d’Lacey

Pages: 434

Part: 5

Publisher: Orchard Books

Summary: David Merriman has been experiencing weird dreams and sleeping patterns. In the middle of the night, he wakes up and roars loudly. Thorren Størmberg decides David should go to the librarium and read about somethings. At the librarium, David and Rosa become instant friends as they help Mr Henry sort out the books. David and Rosa must try and find out what is on Floor 43 because know one can get passed Floor 42.

Meanwhile: Harlan, David’s father, is trying to reopen a void in David’s dream so they can see what the firebirds shut off. The consequences of the experiment are unknown but the pros are also unknown.

Duration: 3 hours

Genre: Adventure!


Suddenly, the screen flashed as if a light had popped. At the same time, David jerked up in bed with his jaws wide open and his lips curled back. Two of his teeth seemed slightly extended. His eyes, normally so placid and round, slanted sideways and briefly changed colour from their usual deep blue to a strong shade of brown.

With both hands he clawed wildly at the space in front of him, though nothing appeared to be occupying that space. And out of his throat came an uncommon noise. A roar, not unlike the sound of an engine.

Rating: Book 4 Four Books

Thoughts: I really liked this book. When, I was in Year One I remember being totally obsessed with this series and at home pretending to be David Rain at home. I started off with the little series connected to this where Liz made clay dragons and you met their personalities.

Who Would Like It: Anyone who is 7 plus and who liked the other stories, oh and DRAGONS!! Rrh!

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Gregor the Reviewer

Title: Gregor the Overlander (Book 1)

Author: Suzanne Collins (Bestselling Author of the Hunger Games)

Pages: 311

Publisher: Scholastic Books

Summary: Gregor and his little sister, Boots are playing in the laundry when Boots falls into a metal grate and Gregor follows. They tumbled down and giant cockroaches spirit them off to a palace called Regalia. Gregor soon learns that he is in the Underland and his dad might be here to. But he needs to get home badly so Gregor and Boots walk to a river that leads away from the Underland.

Giant rat – gnawers – attack them. The Underlanders come to the rescue, Luxa, Vikus and Mareth. They kill the rats and then remove of them in the river.

Genre: Adventure


The metal grate to an old air duct was wide open, secured by two rusty hinges at the top. Boots was squinting into the opening, about two feet by two feet, which led into the wall of the building. From where he stood, Gregor could see nothing but blackness. Then a wisp of… what was it? Steam? Smoke? It didn’t really look like either. Some strange vapor drifted out of the hole and curled around boots. She held out her arms curiously and leaned forward.

“No!” yelled Gregor as he lunged for her, but Boots’s tiny frame seemed to be sucked into the air duct. Without thinking, Gregor thrust his head and shoulders into the hole. The metal grate smacked into his back. The next think he knew, he was falling down, down, down into empty space.

Rating: Five books. Rating Five Books

Thoughts: Mum brought me this book from America and book two. I am not sure where else you can buy them, Book Depository. I loved this book because the suspense was utterly amazing and how he is scared but Boots is happily riding cockroaches. I would love to visit the Underland and see Regalia!

Who Would Like It: Anyone who likes adventure and the Hunger Games. Also giant roaches, large bats and massive spiders like Aragog.

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Frankie Dupont and the Review Fair Sabotage

Title: Frankie Dupont and the Science Fair Sabotage ( Book 3 )

Author: Julie Anne Grasso

Illustrator: Alexander Avellino

Pages: 115

Publisher: Self – Published

Summary: Frankie is for the day in charge of the Dupont Detective Agency. Frankie runs down to Enderby Manor to the Science Fair and picks up a mystery the moment he arrives. Amy’s brothers’ robotic tip has been stolen by someone when they were fighting over how to set up the stand. Mr Mulberry and Miss Chestnut have lined up some suspects but it will be Frankie’s job to find the culprit.

Frankie is also on the clock, he must find Angus and Andy’s robotic ship before the judge arrives. Or Inspector Cluesome arrives!

Duration: 1 hour and a 1/4

Genre: Thrilling, Upgoing Mystery

Rating: 5 books. I loved this book so much!!!! Rating Five Books

Thoughts: I loved this book so much and I couldn’t believe how Frankie assumed something, even after Kat has been telling him, “Don’t assume anything!” I liked how Julie Grasso made Frankie jump around to conclusions but in the end he got settled on one point.

Who Would Like It: Anyone who likes mysteries from 7 – 12 and anyone who likes Skulduggery (9 – 14).

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Author of the Month

Every month from the beginning of August I will post a post about the author of the month. With information about him or her thank you.

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Anne of Reviewside

Title: Anne of Ingleside

Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Pages: 274

Publisher: Mapleleaf Books

Summary: This is the sixth instalment in the Anne of Green Gables series and Anne ages from thirty- four to forty in this book. Anne, now has five kids, Jem, Diana, Nan, Walter and Shirley. Anne continues her life in lovely Ingleside, a country house with a beautiful hollow and flowers. Gilbert is out most of the time and his occupation is becoming more than occasionally, but still his favourite child is definitely, Diana as she looks like her mother.

Susan, the housekeeper, raised Shirley for the first weeks of his life and Shirley loves her as much as Anne. Walter, however, has got his mother’s vivid imagination and love for beauty. At school, people call him a sissy and his only friend is Diana, who he tells all his secrets too. Jem however is definitely Marilla Cuthbert’s favourite.

Duration: 7 hours and 15 minutes.

Genre: Adventure and Romance


Rating: Five books, this showed all the children’s lives and not just Anne’s so it was pretty interesting. Rating Five Books

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book and I thought Walter’s life in this book was probably the most interesting. But some of the things Rilla did were harliarious.

Who Would Like It: Anyone ages 10 up because as the series starts to finish the content of the books grows for older eyes as it is adults talking. Hope you enjoy? I bought the whole collection on my Kindle for 99 cents.

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